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5 Star Cost Savings

With an unprecedented array of business challenges brought about by inflationary pressures and international supply chain issues, its more important than ever to take control of your office supplies costs.

We can help you navigate this process to ensure a successful outcome without the expense of engaging cost reduction consultants or endless administration time cross referencing multiple supplier codes whilst attempting to match product brands to your own purchases!

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Here are the three steps to reduce your office supplies spend by between 10% and 35%.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Supplier Barometer Test

Take our four question test now to find out if you could save between 10% and 35% against your current office supplies spend:
How many of these questions can you answer?

How much did you spend last year on office supplies and print?

When did any of your prices last change?

How relevant is your purchasing to your current supplier's 'core list'?

Do you use more than one supplier for reasons of price, habit or convenience?

If you become a 5 Star Corporate Customer, we will provide you with the purchasing information and management reports to answer the first three questions quickly and accurately and provide you with every reason to say ‘no’ to the fourth!


What is stopping you?

The biggest hurdle to overcome will be fear of the unknown. Does the below sound familiar?

I want to reduce my spend on office stationery, but I can’t spend all my time tracking what’s been purchased and by whom. I’d rather not change suppliers if its going to tie our accounts department up in knots…

Is the website going to be easy to use?

Will this new supplier live up to its delivery promises?

Will the products meet my expectation?

Are my prices going to start rising as soon as I switch over?

Rest assured we’ve been in the industry for the last 25 years. We’ll also make the changeover process as simple and as painless as possible.

Once you’ve decided to switch suppliers, we’ll send you a straightforward account form and bank mandate to complete (we’ll even pre populate it for you if that helps). When we’ve got it back, your dedicated account manager will make sure you’re correctly set up and the relevant staff within your organisation have had the correct log ins and training.

You'll then be good to go!


Make those savings last!

Why you should regularly review your spend to offset the natural erosion of price. Having made significant savings by switching suppliers, you will naturally be keen to see those savings maintained!

Too often initial savings can be eroded because:

Purchasing patterns in your organisation may shift in a matter of months.

Price files are not properly maintained by your new supplier and go unchecked.

Purchasing adherence to the core list is not regularly reinforced If unchecked, before long you appear to be spending a similar amount on office supplies as you did before…

Analysing your spend profile without the pain-How we do things differently.

Traditional benchmarking methods typically involve pricing a basket of general office supplies without a clear guide as to how much of your total purchasing comes from this basket.

If, for example, the basket or price list provided represents less than 70% of your total spend, you will probably want to know what else is consuming so much of your budget. Our analysis software and personalised audit report will include and price every product ordered from the purchasing information you provide and will cross reference different supplier codes to make the process of comparison completely straightforward.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we deliver the savings and make sure you keep them on an ongoing basis.

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